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We are writing this letter to thank you for the professional support from Mr Aditya Jain through the RJC & SMETA Audit. During the RJC & SMETA audit, all the key points of the Audit were emphasized, thus, we have the document ready and got prepared for the external Audit. With your professional guidance and support, we finally successfully certified the RJC & SMETA. We would highly recommend any company who has problem to comply with Social Compliance should certainly consult with Mr. Aditya Jain. Again, thank you so much for all the Guidance & Support
By KBS Creations
“When we decided to go for a RJC certification, we knew it would be important to select the very best partner to accompany us on this journey. For this your consultancy have been a great choice for us. We had worked together to adapt a code of conduct ideally suited to us, and you have provided support and recommendations guiding us throughout our successful roll-out.” “Thank you for walking the path with us to allow us to gain this certification. It is not about the piece of paper but the rigor of the process and the learning achieved has been invaluable.”
By K’s Jewellery & Co.
Thank you so much for sharing your experience, guidance and support with us. We hope to see you again for next RJC audit. We are incredibly grateful that you took skill out to leave us a RJC certificate valid for 3 years. We would suggest any other company who has problem to comply with social Audit compliance should certainly consult with Mr. Aditya Jain. Thank you so much again and we will meet you soon for next renewal for RJC Certificate.
By Nuance Jewel
An extremely active and quick witted professional is what Aditya is. An intelligent auditor who is best at his job in probing information. Sincere, Committed and totally dedicated to his profession. With all smiles his ability to juggle multiple tasks during audits is something which leaves all speechless. I wish him all the best in life.
By Tuli Das - Sr. Executive HR- Employee Life Cycle Mgmt.


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